My name is Jac.

I live in Leeton, New South Wales, Australia. It’s a beautiful place to be; it’s where I feel strong connections to community and family.

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a listener. 

As an adult, I rediscovered the healing power of Intuitive Painting, of painting with intention, and of painting outside the lines. In living life and creating art, I step past the safe place, I have to be vulnerable, and I try new things. I love exploring and wondering “what if?”

What if instead of turning right, I turn left and find a whole new world to explore? My art has led me to believe in possibility. 

I am inspired by nature, other people, life, colour and the physical act of painting itself. I practice courage – every day.

Creating is essential to my spirit.

It is a meditation during which time stops, and it is as vital as taking my next breath.

I make art in layers based on my feelings and intuition. If I feel it, I go for it. I try to not get too attached to certain areas of a painting. Sometimes in the layering, I even cover my favourite bit up on purpose. If I don’t do this occasionally, I am staying safe and limiting the potential of what the piece could be if I dare to let go.

I believe by showing up and creating from my true self.

I am being the real me. 

My studio is my favourite place to be.

It is a beautiful place, created at the bottom of my garden and built with intention. It’s the space I go to take time and find connections. 

There is a wall of windows that look out to the garden, a highlight window from which  I can watch the sunrise and a leadlight feature in the doorway corner that was created for me by my dad.

Vibrant Encaustic tiles were laid in a pattern on the floor, and an old laundry tub was found behind a shed for the water to wash my brushes. 

Prizes & Achievements


UnEarthed Art Prize

2020 Shortlisted
Art to Art, Melbourne

Penny Paniz Art Prize

2021 Winner

Penny Paniz Art Prize

2022 Winner


Art Edit & Interior Design

Destination Art: The Borrowed Creative

Art Edit & Interior Design

Jac Puntoriero, Studio Visit
November 2021

8 things about me


I am a wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend and listener.


I can get lost in an art store or a bookshop for hours and can’t be trusted to ever come back out of my own accord.


I love bright coloured clothes, flowers and all quirky things that bring happiness.


I am a coffee shop addict.


I practice courage – every day.


My favourite place to be is in my art studio, painting with the music up loud and the warm winter sunshine on my skin.


I love exploring and wondering “what if?” What if instead of turning right, I turn left and find a whole new world to explore?


I believe in you, your courage, your spirit, your power.